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3D Foundations

Just starting out or just want to start from the beginning? Start here.

  • 3D Modeling
  • High Poly vs Low Poly
  • Floaters
  • Substance Painter
  • PBR Workflow
  • Lighting & Real Time Rendering
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3D modeling isn't enough...  master the whole process

Build an amazing capstone project while mastering the essential skills of a real-time 3D artist.  Real-time graphics is currently seeing a 601% increase in job demand but it's not enough to just know the software. In order the thrive in this industry you need build mileage and master the work that matters.


The Vertex Difference...

We create job candidates.  Stop wasting time with simple software skills.  This is a competitive industry.  Instead, master the specific industry skills that matter and take your work to the next level. 

Student work below by Andy Chern

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A Construction Mesh Approach →

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High Polygon w/ Great Bevels →

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Low Poly w/ Tris →

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A Successful Bake ↲

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A Great Set Of Textures →

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A Beautiful Texture & Render... →

Placeholder Image

...With Lots Of Detail... →

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...From All Angles!

Built for online & remote work

We've been teaching online since 2010.  Our courses are built for online and our community already numbers over 2,000.  Join the future of education.


Small Meeting Size
Meet in small groups to get the help you need and connect with your peers.

Serious Commitment
Bring the desire. We will bring the right support and resources to help you thrive. Recommended commitment is 20 hours a week for part time and 40 hours a week for full time.

Structured Curriculum
We focus on the right skills in the right order. Our curriculum is battle-tested and constantly evolves to meet the demands of the industry.

Live Meetings
Meet live with your mentor and peers.  

Career Support
We provide each of our graduates with access to job readiness training, an alumni network, connections to employers and opportunities to hone new skills.




Orientation: Remote Working, Class Structure & Expectations, Required Technology and Support


Capstone & High Poly

3D Modeling, High Polygon Modeling, Bevels, Authenticity


Low Poly & UVs

Topology, UVs, Textile Density


Texturing & Rendering

Substance Painter, PBR Workflow, Material Development

You could become a

3D Modeler

Environment Artist

Texture Artist

Prop Artist

Surface Artist

3D Artist

UI Designer

VR Environment Artist

Digital Sculptor

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"It’s official, just signed the paperwork today. Starting January, I’ll be a senior concept artist at EA in Redwood Shores! Thanks so much to Ryan Kingslien and everyone here for all your help and support. Looking forward to even more growth in this beautiful community!"

- Travis Overstreet (now at Electronic Arts)

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3D Foundation


  • 4 weeks of live sessions
  • Meet twice a week
  • Vertex School community Discord
  • $500 credit towards the Game Arts Program
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4 weeks of intense training & a $500 credit towards the Game Arts program.

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