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We offer innovative creative tech training to prepare students for a career in games, film, XR and the metaverse.

We're a higher quality, more affordable and up to date alternative to associate and bachelor degree programs which can be outdated by the time you finish them.

Our Method

One to One Professional Mentoring

A personal guide to help you solve problems and break through blocks and overcome plateaus. Mentors help you structure your own study plan and tailor the curriculum to your study style.

Our Mentors

Career Prep Focused

Prep for your career begins on day one. Assignments, mentor feedback, and community events are tailored around hiring triggers and the strategies you need to be successful and secure a career.

Academic Success Coach

We provide students with a personal problem solving coach who is dedicated to helping them understand the curriculum and create work that will help their portfolio stand out.


Our students have peers and community to help them on daily tasks, provide a strong support network, and join online events.

Game Artist Program Mentors

Animation Program Mentors

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