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A 30 week long online, beginner-friendly bootcamp designed to teach you the skills to secure a career in Game Development. 

Game Development Program Syllabus

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Program Overview

Vertex School Game Development Program


This program is specifically designed to teach students the skills required to secure a career working in Game Development. 

Game development skills are in high demand across the globe with demand for these skills increasing 601% faster than the job market overall.

Not only are game development skills needed in the industries of video games, film, XR, and the metaverse, but also in industries like architecture and construction, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, graphic design, interior design, automotive, and manufacturing to name a few... 

Common Job Titles

Game Developer, Tech Artist, Unreal Engine Generalist, Game Designer, AR/VR Developer, AR/VR Designer, Game Programmer, Product Manager

Program Delivery

  • Entirely virtual
  • Pre-recorded videos on demand
  • Live class sessions
  • One on one or small group live mentorship
  • Online student labs
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Limited to 30 students

Topics We Cover

  • 3D Modeling Workflows
  • Game Resolution Techniques
  • UV Layout
  • Texturing for PBR
  • Rendering in Unreal Engine
  • Unreal Engine Mastery
  • Advanced Materials
  • Advanced Blueprint
  • C++ in Unreal
  • Game Design Fundamentals

Time Commitment

  • 30 weeks total
  • Minimum: 20+ hours per week
  • Recommended: 30+ hours per week 
  • Meet twice per week then complete your work on your own schedule
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Term 1

Intro to Game Dev - 12 weeks

Skill Building Topics and Assignments
  • Create Real-Time, PBR Props
  • Create a fully realized scene in Unreal Engine
  • Create rich PBR Materials
  • Create editor tools in Blueprint
  • Create animations with Sequencer

Term 2

Game Development - 12 weeks

Skill Building Topics and Assignments
  • Create Particle Systems in Niagara
  • Create Gameplay Events in Blueprint
  • Create an Action RPG

During this term you will use everything you’ve learned to develop your Game Development Capstone project while learning additional key elements for presenting it as a strong portfolio piece.

Term 3

Finalization - 6 weeks

Skill Building Topics and Assignments
  • Take game from alpha to beta
  • Finalize portfolio projects
  • Career development

During the final weeks of the program the focus will be on taking your game from alpha to beta, finalizing your games for your portfolio, and career development. 

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Vertex School Game Development Program

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Vertex School Unreal Authorized Training Center

Vertex School is an Unreal Authorized Training Center

This ensures that our students receive the highest quality of Unreal Engine learning and allows us to best prepare students for the current job market. It also means that Epic is supporting us in our training process!

Vertex School Mentors

Matt Board Vertex School
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What Our Students Are Saying

Brandon Sebastian

I would enthusiastically recommend Vertex School, over and over again. The absolute best part about being here, for me, is that I am surrounded by other people, every day, who are just as excited to be here as I am.

From the students who share their creativity to the mentors who share their experience and wisdom, everyone I have interacted with WANTS to be here and WANTS to learn and be pushed to reach their potential.

Like most things, it might not be for everyone out there, but if your heart is in gaming, and creating one-of-a-kind pieces of art, Vertex is THE place to be.

Chloe de Los Santos

The course instructors were super supportive and quick to respond to questions. My mentors were always enthusiastic when teaching and gave professional constructive criticism.

Overall I would recommend this program to anyone as I never felt inadequate and only felt positive about the program.

As someone who joined having absolutely no knowledge of coding and Unreal Engine, I learned a lot and I learned things you can’t get on YouTube or other tutorial videos.

I was able to make a horror game with no experience in just 3-4 months. I would definitely recommend the program.

Noah Fischer

I absolutely loved the course! Coming into the course with no previous experience in game development, it exposed me to so many different aspects of game development including programming, world-building, animation, and more.

The instructors were always able to answer any questions I had either in the lab or in our Discord chat. I feel like I have a great network of people from my cohort as well.

I would have nowhere near the experience level and confidence I have gained over the last 6 months had I not signed up for the Game Development Program.

If you’re just starting out with no experience, looking to make a switch from say Game Art or Game Design, or just looking to enhance your existing Game Development experience, I highly recommend Vertex School.

Megan Folsom

I highly recommend this program through the Vertex School. They are an Unreal Engine Authorized Training Center and I went from having zero knowledge to having a solid understanding of how UE works using blueprints, c++, and Python.

It was quite the adventure and very satisfying to see something that was just in my imagination spring to life. One of my favorite things about the mentors at Vertex school is that they will support and help you solve really ambitious problems if that’s where you choose to go with it!

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Where Our Graduates Work

Vertex School Career Training
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Student Success Story

From Film and Writing to Asset Implementer at Epic Games

Sean Love joined our Unreal Engine Game Development Program with a background in film and writing. Before even graduating from the 30-week program, Sean secured a job as an Asset Implementer at Epic Games!

“When I found Vertex I was like, ”Oh, this seems like the perfect program.” It was not the kind of school where you had to go and do general education classes all over again. It was very, here’s what you need to learn...

While interviewing for my current job it really felt like the right choice that I had made joining the Game Development Program. 

The way the program is designed is it literally checked all the boxes of the job.” 

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Next Cohort Starts August 12th, 2024


Application Process

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Step 2

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Meet with an Admissions Representative to discuss your application, walk through the program structure, and find out which program is the best fit.

Step 3


Complete online enrollment with your Admissions Representative and pay tuition.

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