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The Vertex School is building in-depth online training programs to help people get jobs in cutting edge creative technical fields such as Games and Real Time Technology using our combination of skill mapping, accountability, mentoring and just plain old hard work and butt kicking.

We're a higher quality, more affordable and more up to date alternative to associates and bachelor degree programs which can be outdated by the time you finish them.

Our competition exists in traditional and online education. Most of these solutions provide one size fits all training whether it’s government approved curriculum or pre-recorded online classes.  Our solution combines live training, the chance to get instant feedback and assigned success coaches. 

In traditional education, a learners skills are often outdated before they graduate. To compensate they often go to reskilling platforms and finishing schools driving up a $300 billion online education market.

Game degree programs have exploded 50% in the last 5 years. In 2016, there were 18,000 game related graduates. 

There are 300,000 jobs in the US game industry and Employment is growing at 13%.  

However, only 37% of professionals actually graduated from college.  

We leverage the mechanics of online to empower students to grow at their own pace instead of having to follow the class.

Vertex School is founded by myself, a decade long veteran of the game industry, Scott Kingslien, COO, John Waynick, CTO and Head Of Instruction and Jean Marc Verite Head of Admissions.

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