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Game Artist Career Track

Learn 1:1 with a mentor & a proven curriculum to help you jumpstart a career in games. Entirely online.

  • 3D Modeling Workflows
  • Game Resolution Techniques
  • UV Layout
  • Texturing for PBR
  • Rendering in Unreal Engine
  • and much more...
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Become the new 3D Artist.

NFT's, XR, VR, AR, virtual production... game artists are in demand in more than just the game industry.  At Vertex School our training programs are designed to help you become a job candidate for the careers of the future. 

Today's game tech is not your parent's art program.  Salaries for US-based jobs involving just one 3D skill are 35% higher than the average salary for other advertised jobs, according to Burning Glass & Epic.  On top of that, 23% of job openings were for entry level positions... making this a great place to jump in and excel!

Get In The Game!

This is a great time to be looking to put your artist side to use in a growing industry.  Here are two recent pieces of news that are important for us:

Real-time graphics is growing at 601%

Game tech is becoming the future of creative tech.  Burning Glass Technologies recently reported on real-time graphics impact in games, tech, bio-science, graphic design and nearly every other creative tech area.  They discovered a 601% increase in demand for real-time graphics... aka Game Tech. 

23 Million Jobs Enhanced By Game Tech By 2030

 it is forecast that over 23 million jobs will be enhanced by virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies globally by 2030, an increase from the 800 thousand jobs that were enhanced by VR and AR in 2019. Our students work in games, have scored jobs at Apple, Houzz and work in films & TV on virtual production.

Most Importantly...

Do what you love & love what you do

The game industry is growing at an annual rate of 16% and our students are joining the industry all the time.  You'll work with AAA game studio mentors to help you build a targeted portfolio that demonstrates to the world you can do this job and you can do it well!  

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The Vertex Difference...

We create job candidates.  Stop wasting time with simple software skills.  This is a competitive industry.  Instead, master the specific industry skills that matter and take your work to the next level. 

One-on-one mentorship and guidance, every step of the way.

Study schedule that fits your life and your work.

Online meetups, workshops  & community events.

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Where our students work

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Where our mentors have worked

See our mentors

Built for online & remote work

Our team's been teaching online since 2010.  Our courses are built for online and our community already numbers over 5,000.  Join the future of education.

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Robert Zamber, Alumni

Live, Online Classes
Meet in small groups to get the help you need and connect with your peers and mentor.

Remote Work Environment
Use our remote work environment to interact with your team and your lead.

Meet twice a week and then complete your work on your own schedule.

Serious Commitment
Bring the desire. We will bring the right support and resources to help you thrive. Recommended commitment is 20 hours a week for part time and 40 hours a week for full time.

Structured Curriculum
We focus on the right skills in the right order. Our curriculum is battle-tested and constantly evolves to meet the demands of the industry.

Career Support
We provide each of our graduates with access to job readiness training, an alumni network, connections to employers and opportunities to hone new skills.


Artwork by alumi Robert Zamber

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You could become a

3D Modeler

Environment Artist

Character Artist

Tech Artist

Prop Artist

Surface Artist

3D Artist

VR Environment Artist

Digital Sculptor

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"I learned everything here and got hired!"

Prior to Vertex, I had very little knowledge programs. I only knew a little bit of Maya. Now I’m comfortable using Maya, Zbrush, Substance Designer, Painter, and etc.

I also very much enjoy the Vertex Community where there are full of people exchanging infos and feedbacks. Vertex school is one of those schools where you can get lots of help if you are willing to look for it. I guarantee you that if you are willing to push yourself, you will be able to get a lot out of this bootcamp.

I know lots of online sites that will teach you skills, but don’t worry about you after you finish the course, however, when I was enrolled in Vertex, I felt that I was a part of the school community. My mentors were super supportive and helped me a lot even after I graduated.

With the knowledge and portfolio that I’ve made at Vertex, I was able to put my foot into the game industry. Super grateful that I joined Vertex .

-Angela Jeong, Environment Artist @ Liquid Development.


One Time Payment


$7,491 $6,742

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Save 10% when you pay in full for the 9 month program.     

Month to month


$832 /mo

Pay only for the months you need, up to 12 months


Start your journey today with our amazing team.                                    

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Meet with an Admissions Representative to discuss your application, walk through the program structure, and find out which program is the best fit.

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Complete online enrollment with your Admissions Representative and pay tuition.

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