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Unreal EngineĀ @ Vertex School

Unreal Engine Training

Vertex School is an Unreal Authorized Training Center

We're excited to announce that Vertex School is officially an Unreal Authorized Training Center!

This ensures that our students receive the highest quality of Unreal Engine learning and allows us to best prepare students for the current job market. It also means that Epic is supporting us in our training process!

Real Time Technology Is Changing The World

Real-Time Technology is no longer the future. It is right now. From games to film to simulation and training, real-time technology is at the forefront of several industries including games, film, simulation, architecture, and the automotive industry. Unreal Engine is an essential component of our training philosophy at Vertex School, offering an easy yet in-depth adventure into the world of Real-Time Tech.

Vertex is committed to training students in real-world skills being used on the job across real-time industries.

What Is Unreal Engine

At Vertex, we work with the best students and the best mentors, so it is important to us to work with the best software companies out there. That's why we focus our training on Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine is the world's most open and advanced real time 3D creation tool created by Epic Games. Real time technology is a driving force across multiple industries like games, film, and simulation. With Unreal Engine, you can breathe life into exciting worlds for free. 

Built to give the power to the creative minds using it, Unreal can help with anything from building the smallest projects to tackling the most demanding challenges. Unreal’s toolset gives you everything you need to build a diverse array of applications the way you choose.


Our Students Work

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Our Programs

9 Month Training Programs

Our core offering is our full 30-week to 9-month training programs. These are divided into 3 terms to deliver the skills students will use on the job.

For each program, students create their art with Unreal in mind from the beginning, with all final showcases being in Unreal.

Our Programs


Individual Courses

In Addition to our full-length training programs, we also offer individual courses.Ā There are two categories of individual courses available:

  • Courses - TheseĀ courses feature live sessions in a small class setting where students get direct interaction with the instructor
  • Pre-RecordĀ Courses - These are pre-recorded courses with a wealth of content that can be taken at any time

Just look for the Unreal badge when browsing the catalog!

Why We Use Unreal Engine

(Words From Our Mentors)

Andrew Baker, Mentor

 I love working with Unreal Engine and it is a determining factor for what studios I apply for and accept recruiting offers from. I started learning in the UT3 editor over 10 years ago.

I display the majority of my props in Unreal Engine and occasionally do full fledged environments for fun, and of course work in it for work. I frequently follow Unreal Engine tutorials for fun.

Learning Unreal Engine has helped me understand real time graphics overall better, because everything done in UE is technically possible in other programs, and I love trying to get to the bottom of how these FX, etc. are done.

Jacob Claussen, Mentor

I started using Unreal Engine when it was still UDK but just a couple months later UE4 came out and I remember the big impact it had on me and my peers where I studied.

With UE4 it became easier to work as an artist and create what you saw.

With my portfolio scenes being built in Unreal and then getting to use it at my first bigger job was a nice start in the career.

I often use Unreal in my freetime to build new scenes, small games or stories in forms of smaller movies.

Then with UE5 coming out I could feel a bit of what I felt during the time UE4 came out. It became even more about being able to tell your story.

I'm happy that I get to use Unreal both at work and when I come home! 


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Our Team

Ryan Kingslien

Ryan is the CEO and founder of Vertex School and has been building businesses and teaching online for over a decade.

Back in the day Ryan helped develop ZBrush, the Oscar winning digital sculpting software that changed the industry and is know as an Anatomy Guru and Digital Arts Teacher that has taught more than 25,000 students across the globe.

Matthew Board

Matthew is the Chief Administrative Officer at Vertex School as well as an Unreal Authorized Instructor Partner for Epic Games. 

He has done consulting for Great Eastern Technology to formulate more efficient 3D-printing workflows in Maya, 3D Studio Max and ZBrush, that allowed for less material use. 

Game Art Program Student Feature

"I think that Unreal Engine is great tool for artists and game designers to use.

It's great for rendering your artwork and displaying what it will look like in-game.

I mainly use Unreal Engine to render my projects. I also use it to see what my artwork looks like in a real-time game engine."

-Christopher Pearce, Current Game Art Program Student

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