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Give us 14 days to help you become a better animator!

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What You’ll Learn

This 14 day workshop will take students through the process of animating lip-syncing inside of one facebook group. Students will have 14 days of access to live lectures by Dan Perry, as well as bonus content and assistance from Vertex employees. 

Students will start off learning various different phonetics and how they fit into lip syncing, such as dip-thongs, cognate pairs, and co-articulation. Then, Dan will cover dialogue, facial expressions, and animating the brow, eyes, and hands. 

By the end of the workshop you'll:

  • Understand phonetics
  • Be able to animate facial expressions as a character talks
  • Have the building blocks necessary to continue lip-syncing future animations

14-Day Workshop Details

ACCESS:    14 Days
ASSIGNMENT:   Due each day
MATERIALS:   3D Animation Software
SKILL LEVEL:   Beginner
STARTS:   June 21st

Why is knowing Lip-Syncing important? 

  • It helps sell your skills as an animator!

  • Lip-Syncing can how your depth as an animator and is key to having a job-ready portfolio. 

  • Lip-Syncing broadens your skill-set

  • Lip Sync brings a new level of attention to detail to your animation

Maybe you've tried this, but it's still not believable.

You may be...

  • Placing too much emphasis on the wrong words.

  • Animating every sound

  • Relying too much on Phonemes

This is what you may be missing.

We’ve codified this to a simple five point formula:

  • Sounds

  • Expressions

  • Eyes

  • Brows

  • Polish

Let me explain further.

For sounds, we will focus on the order of importance. Some sounds don't need to be animated, while others do. It's important to know how sounds and shapes affect each other and the order of importance so that you can break your audio down into phonetics and phrasing.

Using expressions helps to make your character more relatable. We will focus on the asymmetry of expression, as well as facial shape. Lip-syncing isn't just about the shape of your rig's mouth, the facial expressions are just as important, and how the rig moves between expressions is key to your lip-syncing being believable.

For eyes, we will focus on locking on and movement, as well as eye darts. This alsso means focusing on eyelid animation and design. Blinks, specifically, are important. We wll focus on the differences in curves and speed of blinks and how that conveys meaning.

Brows bring the whole face together as a cohesive unit. The animation in lip-syncing helps to make it more believable and expressive. Brows are key to adding life to the eyes.

Polish is where we finish up our animation. Here, we will focus on what to look for when we're completing the animation and common pitfalls that animators fall into.

You may think lip sync is too hard...

We get it. But lip-sync still uses the same 12 principles of animation at it's foundation. Follow our 5 point formula, and you can animate lip-sync in any language.

As with any piece of animation, with a little science, anatomy, and art, we can create something beautiful. 

Or that you don't need lip sync on your demo reel...

However, as tech in our field advances, the need for proper facial animation is expanding rapidly. It's not just for films anymore, but more and more games are needing lip sync too. 

Covnvincing lip sync animation adds appeal and draw to your reel, and being able to show a variety of skills is key to landing a job in animation. 

Or that you can just use phonemes...

Phonemes can only get you so far. It doesn't take into account how shapes and sounds affect each other, which is a huge part of convincing lip-sync animation. 

Phonemes also doesn't take into account how mouth shapes will change with facial expressions, another key part of lip-sync. 

Many beginning animators face the same problems...

  • Unsure where to start

  • Placing too much emphasis on the wrong words

  • Animating every sound

  • Using just phonemes

Our 5 point formula addresses all of this!

  • Know where to start every time

  • Know what words need emphasis

  • Know which sounds need animations

  • Know how to use more than just phonemes



A Masterclass with Dan Perry

Get 14 Days of Access to learn the following...

  • Mechanics of Lip Sync

  • Creating a performance that demands attention

  • Involving more than the mouth in lip sync

    • Eyes

    • Brows

    • Lids

    • Cheeks

    • Head

  • Tips & Tricks to take your animation to the next level 

14 Day Mini Group


Standard Access

  • Starts June 21st
  • 14 Days Access
  • 10 Live Lectures
  • Detailed technique walk throughs
  • Community access to private Facebook group

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About Daniel Perry

Daniel Perry started his animation career, like many others, with love for games and film. After graduating from school for Advanced Character Animation he landed his first animation job, for Firaxis Games, working on Sid Meier’s Civilization V. At Fireaxis he was given the opportunity to completely redesign how the ‘leaders’ were animated. This new direction for the title still holds today, in the latest installments of the Civilization franchise. Later, he moved onto Zenimax Online Studios, where he worked on The Elder Scrolls Online.

Having always wanted to live in the mountains, he took a leap, and moved to a location with no studios. He began working from home, where he worked on titles like Agents of Mayhem, LawBreakers, Civilization VI, and many others. Today, he continues to work from home, teaching 3D Character Animation, where the love for the craft grows ever stronger.

In his free time, you’ll find Dan out in the mountains. Whether it’s snowboarding, skiing, hiking, camping, off-roading, or just taking photos, Dan spends every moment he can, soaking up the great outdoors.


"But I want to animate GAMES, not film." 

Technology is growing rapidly. The fidelity of art in games has reached that of film. With that, games now need as much, if not more lip sync animation than most feature films. 

Knowing more of your craft will never hurt your demo reel. It's always good to be able to show a variety of skills. 

"But I have a different software than what you're using." 

That's okay! Lip sync is all about the shapes and sounds, not the software. We're going to show you how to nail the shot. Use whatever software you want. 

You can transfer these skills to not only any 3D software, but 2D animation as well. 

"I don't think I'm ready." 

If you know the 12 principles of animation and have some body mechanics experience, then you can lip sync!

Our 5 point formula simplifies the process and makes it much more digestible for people new to lip-sync. 

We won’t skip anything.

You’ll see every step of the process, from picking your audio to polishing your animation curves, at the end. No fast forward, no ‘while the camera was off’, and absolutely no secrets.

For just $17, you can have 14 days of  access and training from a AAA animator. 

You Can't Lose

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Learn to follow our 5 step formula with experienced AAA animator, Dan Perry. 

Get help from industry professionals, the whole way through. 

Our formula is easy to follow, and Instructor Dan Perry has over a decade and a half of experience. 



Give us 14 Days to help you become a better animator!

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