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Here's what students of the Game Development Program had to say about their experience :)

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Game Development Program Student Reviews Vertex School

Sean Love

“When I found Vertex I was like, ”Oh, this seems like the perfect program.” It was not the kind of school where you had to go and do general education classes all over again. It was very, here’s what you need to learn...

While interviewing for my current job it really felt like the right choice that I had made joining the Game Development Program.

The way the program is designed is it literally checked all the boxes of the job."

Brandon Sebastian


"I would enthusiastically recommend Vertex School, over and over again.

The absolute best part about being here, for me, is that I am surrounded by other people, every day, who are just as excited to be here as I am.

From the students who share their creativity to the mentors who share their experience and wisdom, everyone I have interacted with WANTS to be here and WANTS to learn and be pushed to reach their potential.

Like most things, it might not be for everyone out there, but if your heart is in gaming, and creating one-of-a-kind pieces of art, Vertex is THE place to be."


Megan Folsom

"I highly recommend this program through the Vertex School. They are an Unreal Engine Authorized Training Center and I went from having zero knowledge to having a solid understanding of how UE works using blueprints, c++, and Python.

It was quite the adventure and very satisfying to see something that was just in my imagination spring to life. One of my favorite things about the mentors at Vertex school is that they will support and help you solve really ambitious problems if that’s where you choose to go with it!"

Noah Fischer

"I absolutely loved the course! Coming into the course with no previous experience in game development, it exposed me to so many different aspects of game development including programming, world-building, animation, and more.

The instructors were always able to answer any questions I had either in the lab or in our Discord chat. I feel like I have a great network of people from my cohort as well.

I would have nowhere near the experience level and confidence I have gained over the last 6 months had I not signed up for the Game Development Program.

If you’re just starting out with no experience, looking to make a switch from say Game Art or Game Design, or just looking to enhance your existing Game Development experience, I highly recommend Vertex School."

Shayne Martin

"A lot of content covered in a good amount of time but still gave me time to dive and explore deeper into other areas. The instructor was very helpful with responding to questions as well as giving constructive feedback to help me constantly overcome hurdles, blossom ideas, and foster creativity. He also put effort into preparing me to be involved in a professional environment.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Vertex School for providing me with this invaluable learning experience and a platform to showcase my abilities."


Chloe de Los Santos

"The course instructors were super supportive and quick to respond to questions. My mentors were always enthusiastic when teaching and gave professional constructive criticism.

Overall I would recommend this program to anyone as I never felt inadequate and only felt positive about the program.

As someone who joined having absolutely no knowledge of coding and Unreal Engine, I learned a lot and I learned things you can’t get on YouTube or other tutorial videos.

I was able to make a horror game with no experience in just 3-4 months. I would definitely recommend the program."


Jimmy Dotzel

"For me personally, the structure has been incredibly helpful. I feel like the course was designed to introduce all the many different components of video game design in a logical and effective way. There’s so much to learn but the structure of the program made it feel manageable."

Katelyn Salo

"My experience with Vertex School has been quite positive. Instructors are incredibly helpful and willing to set aside time to assist with any issues. Class sessions are very insightful and instructors actively support the student’s game development process during class by reviewing their work and offering valuable advice.

It certainly takes hard work and persistence to succeed in this program, at least for someone with the previous experience I had coming into the program. Although I had some baseline skills there were a lot of gaps. I’ve had to overcome many challenges that stumped and frustrated me. It’s all worth it in the end when I get to see the product of overcoming these struggles and be proud of it."

Ryan Stocks

"I found the course to be helpful at teaching me how to think about games as someone who not only plays them but makes them as well, and learning the basics of many of UE5s systems.

Matt and Paul were awesome and really knowledgeable. I also thought that the few weeks Floren was instructing were great. It was really nice to get another perspective and he was able to help solve a lot of problems within just a few minutes."

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