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Environment Artist Bootcamp

Build the skills you need to launch a career in Creative Tech.

  • 3D Modeling
  • Realistic & Stylized Texturing
  • Unreal Engine
  • PBR Workflow
  • Lighting & Real Time Rendering
  • Substance Designer & Painter
  • Project Management
  • Game Play Mechanics
  • Houdini & Procedural Tools
  • Trim Sheets
  • Modularity & Asset Management
  • Decals, Texturing, & Materials
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Architect entire worlds.

Environment artist is one of the most dynamic jobs in games now.  It's a rapidly evolving area of the tech that is capitalizing on procedural tools such as Houdini & Substance Designer. There is always something to build since they create everything non-character. The game industry itself is growing at an annual rate of 16%. This trend is only set to increase with the advent of cloud gaming, VR / AR technologies and virtual sets. 

Live Mentoring For
An Amazing Portfolio

The number one reason creatives join Vertex School is for the live mentoring.  We work with some of the best artists out there from studios like Blizzard, Epic Games, Sucker Punch Production, 343 Industries, Id Software, Bioware and more.  You will work on real  projects with real game artists.

Sprints (Production Schedule For Term 2)



Orientation: Remote Working, Class Structure & Expectations, Required Technology and Support


Capstone & Grey Boxing

Grey Boxing, Floaters, Capstone Project


Light Blockin

Unreal Engine, Materials, & Lighting  Foundations


Material Building

Substance Designer, Trim Sheets, Vertex Blending


Scene Building

Materials, Trims, Floaters, Decals


Set Dressing 

Decals, Assets, Detail Resolution


Rendering & Animating

Lighting, Fog, Camera settings, Sequencer & VFX Basics

You could become a

3D Modeler

Environment Artist

Texture Artist

Prop Artist

Surface Artist

3D Artist

UI Designer

VR Environment Artist

Digital Sculptor

Application Process

Step 1

Apply To Vertex School

Complete a 10-15 minute application covering your background, goals, and experiences. Then create your account.

Step 2

Schedule Your Portfolio Review

Meet with an Admissions Representative to discuss your application, walk through the program structure, and find out which program is the best fit.

Step 3


Complete online enrollment with your Admissions Representative and pay tuition.

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