What You'll Learn In The Course

  • Learning how to create a dynamic character in ZBrush
  • Master dynamic poses
  • Setup lighting in Keyshot for dynamic illustration
  • Paint over your 3D render
  • Everything you need to know to make a painless transition from Photoshop to Corel Painter
  • Use both Painter and Photoshop to create an awesome final illustration
  • Build your career as a modern illustrator

About Your Instructor

Mike Thompson

Best known for his portraits of entertainers and celebrities, Mike Thompson has built a name for himself in the world of art. His paintings have been featured on television, in print and web campaigns. Mike began his career working as both Designer and Art Director in the fashion industry. After creating top selling designs for companies such as Timberland, Ecko and Nike, the artist left the corporate world to become a full-time illustrator.

Over the past decade, his artwork has been featured on magazines, videogame covers, movie posters and toy packaging. Some of the clients Mike has worked with include: Marvel, Hasbro, Warner Bros, Dimension Films, and Cartoon Network.

One of Corel’s featured "Painter Masters," Mike has hosted several webinars for the company. His art and techniques have appeared in many International publications, as well as the books: "Digital Collage and Painting," by Susan Ruddick Bloom, and "Secrets of Corel Painter Experts," by Darryl Wise and Linda Hellfritsch.


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This course includes 8 recorded modules in which Mike Thompson demonstrates and explains his 2D & 3D Superhero character creation process using ZBrush, Photoshop and Corel Painter. Below you can see a module-by-module breakdown of what you'll learn.

Today's Illustration Pipeline

An overview of the process you'll use to begin your first 3D illustration.  Mike will cover reference gathering, sketching and ideation.  You'll create your first sketches for your project

Sculpting The Hero

Learn the tools you need to know in ZBrush to sculpt the face and body of your character. You'll work from a base mesh to begin.

Working Out The Pose

Learn how to create dynamic poses. Focus on gesture and learn how to push your designs while keeping them believable.  You'll pose your model and get ready to add props.

Details, Details, Details 

Learn how to quickly sculpt props and clothing to your models using ZBrush's new tools.  You'll finish up your digital sculpt and refine it's pose.

Keyshot Rendering

Learn how to setup dynamic lighting using Keyshot's incredibly powerful HDRI system. This is a very important stage so Mike spends lots of time walking you through the different settings you'll need to know.

Starting in Corel Painter

Time to start the painting!  Download Mike's custom brushes and learn how to set things up in Corel with your own 30 Day trial version.

Creating A Traditional Illustration Using Corel Painter

Discover the power of Corel Painter as you work through your painting correcting lighting, adding local color and designing your final illustration.

Getting It Into Photoshop For Final Output

Now it's time to deliver it to the clients.  Import into Photoshop for final sizing and color corrections.

A Look At The 2D to 3D Process

In this specially prepared video series Pixologic showcases Mike's process and workflow for using ZBrush as a powerful Illustration tool.