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You're not alone with Vertex School, one-to-one learning for tomorrow's new media industries of Film, Games, VR, AR (XR).

Joseph Burgan
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Your Passion Is Your Power

The Film & Games industry is not just about entertainment anymore.  Creative technology is at the core of the Extended Reality (XR) industry that is forecast to grow to over $1 trillion dollars globally by 2030 and while it's not about the money here at Vertex we do want you to know that we don't just train Digital Artists, we train creatives in the skills of the future and the future is looking bright. 

*According to P&S Intelligence.
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Professional Mentoring From Professionals

Industry-built curriculum combined with industry professional mentoring to give you the leg up in new media's intensely competitive industries of film, game, VR, AR, XR.

A few of our students:

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Victor Beltrán
Sales Support » Brown Bag Films

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Joseph Burgan
Retail »Psyonix

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Alina Vilhjalmsdottir
Sales » Directive Games

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Adam Beardall
Mobile Games » Bungie

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Erih Pazanin
3D Generalist » CD Projekt Red

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Monica Bauer
Clinical Lab Technologist » Blizzard

Keep calm and Vertex on...

Skills change frequently in creative industries.  So our curriculum is living and evolving to meet the market needs. We got this.


One-To-One Learning
Meet one-on-one to maximize your mastery of in-demand skills.

Serious Commitment
Bring the desire. We bring the support and resources to help you thrive. Recommended commitment is 20 hours a week.

Structured Curriculum
We focus on the hiring triggers that matter. Our curriculum is battle-tested and constantly evolves to meet the demands of the industry.

Academic Success Coach
You get your own problem solving coach devoted to helping you understand the curriculum and create work that matters.

Career Support
Prep for your career begins on day one.  Assignments, mentor feedback, and community events are tailored around hiring triggers and the strategies you need to be successful.

Video by graduate Jansen Thorogood, Junior Environment Artist @ Applied Intuition




Creativity is the most in demand soft skills according to Linkedin Learning but you may not have know that there are entire Creative industries. Film, games, toys are just one example but creatives work in every industry. Our programs were created to address today's thriving creative industries. When you enroll in a Vertex program, you'll learn what you need to jump-start your career in the growing fields of Creative Technology.

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Mixed reality




Graphic Design

Virtual Reality


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"Having got the education I got at Vertex School and having gotten to come on a job like this cements my future even better and this is one of the most exciting things about the experience I had at Vertex School and getting to work at Pixomondo.

If I was to give an aspiring artist advice, I would say you need to be prolific, not afraid to make bad art. You need experience. Your first 3d model will not be something you put on your Artstation, show off and everyone loves. Make 100 crappy models if that is what it takes to get your first portfolio-worthy one. Don't get discouraged. Be prolific."

- Andrew Baker, Unreal Generalist @ Pixmondo

Our Programs:

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3D Animation

One-to-one learning with professional animators plus a proven curriculum.


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Game Arts

One-to-one learning with professional game artists plus a proven curriculum.


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