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A 9 month long bootcamp designed to teach students 3D art skills to secure a career in Virtual Production.  

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Program Overview

The Film and TV industry has changed with the integration of real time technology. Have you ever heard the phrase “We’ll fix it in post”? In Virtual Production, where the physical and digital worlds meet, the motto is “Fix it in pre!” In this new and exciting method of creating film content, the directors and showrunners are able to interact with the digital sets early on to have more creative input than they’ve ever had before. 

But what skills are needed to enter this exciting career? Virtual Production shares many parts of its skill set with game art. If you want to succeed in the Virtual Art Department (the VAD), you’ll need a core foundation in game art that you’ll then meld with cinematography concepts from film.

In our Virtual Production Program at Vertex, you’ll learn how to build beautiful 3D environments for Unreal Engine and set them up as digital sets that can be used on an LED wall.

Program Delivery

  • Entirely virtual
  • Pre-recorded videos on demand
  • Live class sessions
  • One on one or small group live mentorship
  • Online student labs
  • Certificate upon completion

Topics We Cover

  • 3D Modeling and UV Workflows
  • Film Quality at Game Resolution Techniques
  • Advanced Textures and Materials with PBR
  • Standing Up a Set in Unreal Engine
  • 3D Concepting for Fast Iteration
  • Virtual Collaboration with VR
  • Working with other Departments and much more...

Time Commitment

  • Minimum: 20+ hours per week
  • Recommended: 30+ hours per week 
  • Meet twice per week then complete your work on your own schedule
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Term 1

Game Art Foundations

Learning Outcomes
  • Model high resolution props
  • Model the game resolution versions
  • Unwrap and layout game efficient UVs for game props
  • Create authentic physically based textures
  • Light and render game resolution props using a real time engine

Term 2

Intro to Environment Art

Skill Building Topics and Assignments
  • Thinking like an Environment Artist
  • Creating Worlds with Unreal Engine
  •  The Mid Poly Workflow
  •  Intro to Trim Sheets

Term 3

Virtual Production

Skill Building Topics and Assignments
  • Virtual Production for VAD artists
  • Final portfolio project and supplemental content 

By the end of this term students will have a finished set with a collection of camera captures that can be added to their portfolio. At this point students should be ready to start applying for Virtual Production related jobs. 

Our Mentors

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Next Cohort Starts January 2023


Application Process

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