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Vertex School teaches people the skills they need to launch a new career in Creative Tech (Film, Games, Toys, Graphic Design & Marketing).

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Vertex School is creativity applied to the real world.

Make real world projects and learn the real world skills that will help you thrive as a Creative in today's competitive marketplace.

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Travis O'Connor's Capstone Project

We help you get the job.

We'll help you find jobs, build your brand, nail your art test and negotiate your salary.

Model by Erih Pazanin

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Joseph Burgan
Retail » Epic Games

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Alina Vilhjalmsdottir
Sales » Directive Games

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Adam Beardall
Mobile Games » Bungie

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Erih Pazanin
3D Generalist » CD Projekt Red

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Monica Bauer
Clinical Lab Technologist » Valve

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Kyle Tierney
Soccer Coach » Bad Rhino Games

Keep calm and Vertex on...

Skills change frequently in creative industries.  So our curriculum is living and evolving to meet the market needs. We got this.

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Radek Kowalczyk, Alumni

Small Meeting Size
Meet in small groups to get the help you need and connect with your peers.

Serious Commitment
Bring the desire. We will bring the right support and resources to help you thrive. Recommended commitment is 20 hours a week for part time and 40 hours a week for full time.

Structured Curriculum
We focus on the right skills in the right order. Our curriculum is battle-tested and constantly evolves to meet the demands of the industry.

Live Meetings
Meet live with your mentor and peers.  

Career Support
We provide each of our graduates with access to job readiness training, an alumni network, connections to employers and opportunities to hone new skills.




Creativity is the most in demand soft skills according to Linkedin Learning but you may not have know that there entire Creative industries. Film, games, toys are just one example but creatives work in every industry. Our four month full and part time programs were created to address today's thriving Creative industries. Every class is online and built for remote work.  When you enroll in a Vertex program, you'll learn what you need to jump start your career in the growing fields of Creative Technology.

work in




Mixed reality




Graphic Design

Virtual Reality


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"I just wanted to share some good news! I've joined REBLIKA- The Character Company! Actually I've been with them for a few weeks now. I wanted to hold off for a bit but after the great meeting I just had with my boss, I can't hold it in anymore! Nothing says paradise more than being able to do what you love for a living!"

- Julie Beliveau, 3D Character Artist at REBLIKA - The Character Company

Our program:

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Game Arts

A complete Game Arts education in nine months.


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3D Foundations

Learn the foundations of creating 3D art in 3 short months.


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Online | FLEX & Part Time

Character Artist

Learn the fundamentals of character creation for games. 


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Online | FLEX & Part Time

Environment Artist

Learn the art of environment creation for games.


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