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A free 6-module course that will teach you the core programming concepts! 
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What you'll learn:

This course is the first step in unlocking the understanding of how to program if you are a visual learner or artist.

Concepts are broken down visually and without any abstraction in order to facilitate learning how to become more technical.

By the end of this course you will have created an Asset Renamer,
Actor Scattering and Randomizer, Measuring Tool, and a Camera Scouting Tool!

By the end of the course you'll: 

  • Have a much greater understanding of programming concepts
  • Have built multiple useful tools using blueprints in unreal 
  • Understand how visual node based scripting can be translated into actual lines of code
  • Have created an Asset Renamer, Actor Scattering and Randomizer, Measuring Tool, and a Camera Scouting Tool
free coding bootcamp

Course Projects

Asset Renamer

An Asset Renamer is a simple tool for batch renaming multiple files, it allows for search and replacement of characters or outright renaming.

Renaming multiple assets can take a lot of time and effort, this tool will help you work easier and more efficiently!

free coding bootcamp

Actor Scattering and Randomizer

This Blueprint uses the Construction Script to randomly scatter Static Meshes within a radius, using exposed variables to allow users to customize the scale, rotation, and spacing of the Static Meshes.

free coding bootcamp

Measuring Tool

This is a simple measurement tool that measures the distance between 2 points with metric to ft conversions.

free coding bootcamp

Camera Scouting Tool

The camera tool is able to pilot from the editor, change lenses up and down, and take screenshots.

free coding bootcamp


Immediate Access


Unreal Engine 4 or Unreal Engine 5


Beginner to Advanced

This course is for anyone who wants to start thinking about automating their processes and understanding more of what goes on behind the scenes in computer games and VFX.

Meet Your Instructor 

Filipe Magalhães

Filipe Magalhães is a Realtime Supervisor at NVIZ where he works on high profile movies and TV shows for companies such as Netflix and Disney, 

Initially starting out as a character artist and sculptor for the games and collectibles industry he shifted gears into automation, pipeline and virtual production, using his artistic background to be a bridge between departments and assisting productions as a technical artist and supervisor.

Filipe Magalhaes
free coding bootcamp
free coding bootcamp
free coding bootcamp
free coding bootcamp

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