MAY 25TH & 26TH from 10 AM-12 PM PST


Learn how to create freely from your imagination!

Walk away with an improved ability to sculpt OR YOUR MONEY BACK!


Course Description:

Want to dive into one of the most important artistic innovations in the last 100 years from the comfort of your own home?

In this masterclass, we will focus on one of the most important and often neglected elements of digital sculpting: how to build form like a sculptor.

From this masterclass, you will learn how to sculpt faster and create more powerful and convincing work. CREATE FREELY FROM YOUR IMAGINATION.

Your instructor, Ryan Kingslien, will go through the entire of process of sculpting and rendering a human head in ZBrush.

  1. Block in
  2. Form concepts
  3. Form refinement
  4. Fleshing the model
  5. Rendering & Materialness

Ryan will create an entirely new sculpt live so you’ll get to see every step.

Be prepared for a potential third class if Ryan doesn't finish the sculpt in time. 

Who This Class Is Good For:

  • Creatives just starting out who want to learn how to use ZBrush the proper way… The sculptor’s way.
  • Sculptors who've reached a plateau and are not sure how to get better.
  • Professionals who need to get faster and better understand the sculpting engine inside of ZBrush.
  • Creatives, who want to add digital sculpting to their workflow.

Digital sculpting, as you probably know, is used in film, games and toy sculpting.

However, it can also be beneficial to oil painters, traditional marble carvers, architects, product designers, web designers, and more…

If any of these fit you, then we are looking forward to seeing you in this masterclass and helping you become a better sculptor. Let's grow and show!


Listen To This:

If you want to sculpt in ZBrush fluently and freely from your own imagination then you’ll need to learn the FORM CONCEPTS that help you sculpt faster and create more powerful and convincing work…

Unfortunately, many great artists regularly find themselves feeling “STUCK” and unable to quickly create work that they’re proud of. Why? They don’t have a grasp on FORM CONCEPTS.

Form Concepts do one thing that is very important: Simplify.

They simplify all the complexity into easy-to-replicate and easy-to-master forms.

Instead of trying to trace the ups and downs… and the back-and-forth of the side of the nose, you first create a simple wedge.

Once you have learned form concepts it opens up a wonderful new level of freedom.

A freedom to play and to create work that you’re PROUD OF! 

So, if you find yourself feeling "STUCK", knowing all too well the price of remaining in this state... THIS MASTERCLASS IS FOR YOU!

PLUS... We’re offering the BEST GUARANTEE EVER:

If you don't significantly improve your ability to sculpt by the end of the workshop, we’ll offer you a full refund... and you'll get to keep the workshop recordings! You have absolutely nothing to lose!

About Your Instructor, Ryan Kingslien

Ryan is the CEO and founder of Vertex School and has been building businesses and teaching online for over a decade.

Back in the day, Ryan helped develop ZBrush, the Oscar-winning digital sculpting software that changed the industry. He is known as an Anatomy Guru and Digital Arts Teacher who has taught more than 25,000 students across the globe.

In 2004, Ryan became the very first Product Manager for ZBrush at Pixologic where he worked with programmers and artists to fuse traditional and digital art processes. To put it another way, he's the guy who put the Rake brush in ZBrush.

He then built the first digital sculpting and design school and taught digital sculpting to thousands of students.

Student Reviews


Excellent and very informative. Ryan is a master of his craft and very versed in communicating as a teacher. The masterclass was a great introduction to sculpting the head.


I enjoyed the course. I especially liked the lecture as Mr. Kingslien has such wisdom and insight.

Being able to watch him sculpt was amazing as everyone has a different style. I love how he builds up form with the rake. I love his clarity of form.


I loved the course. Even for a beginner, the masterclass was understandable enough to follow, with lots of information that will help me in my digital sculpting journey.


I found the course to be well-organized and delivered in an easy-understand format.


Ryan G.O.A.T


He gave me the foundation for utilizing anatomy for sculpting. The methodology is sophisticated.

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In this 2 day masterclass we will go through the entire process of sculpting and rendering a human head in ZBrush.

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The masterclasses will be hosted via Zoom allowing for participants to easily join from anywhere in the world. 

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