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Mastering Mocap

Applying, editing, mixing, and pushing data to its fullest potential


  • Artistic & Structural Concepts
  • Blending Clips
  • Timing & Weight
  • Posing
  • Line Of Action, Shapes, & Proportions
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What You’ll Learn

The course will go through the full process of mocap animation, starting with retargeting, editing, & establishing core fundamentals. Understanding how to create an appealing animation using mocap data, that shows proper weight, timing and other key animation fundamentals is at the core of this course. Pushing the mocap’s potential and your own ability to pay attention to nuances and the specific character traits are what will help your portfolio stand out.

By the end of the course, students will have understood a deep understanding of the process of animating with motion capture data. Students will know how to use mocap to their advantage by approaching it like a first pass spline instead of creativity-destroying data. They will have also gained knowledge on how to troubleshoot new problems or tasks.

This workshop on motion capture animation will consist of six modules of live sessions. You’ll learn core animation design skills and workflows and be part of a community of artists working to achieve next level quality in their work.

By the end of the workshop you'll:

  • Have developed an understanding on how to retarget mocap to characters in a way that makes the ‘work’ easier to do
  • Learn multiple ways to approach editing and ‘cleaning up’ mocap
  • Understand how to efficiently blend multiple takes of mocap into one seamless performance
  • Have confidence and skills to take on any motion capture task
COURSE FORMAT: Standard Live
FEEDBACK:  Live Interactive Open Group
DURATION:   6 weeks
ASSIGNMENTS:   Due each week. Expect to spend 10-20 hrs/wk viewing lectures, q&a, and time on assignments
MATERIALS:   Maya 2018+ required to follow along
SKILLS LEVEL:   Intermediate to advanced
PREREQUISITES:  Preliminary knowledge of 3D Software Packages

Student Work

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Student Showcase


Week 1

Deep Dive

Detailed explanation of the HIK editor, mocap ‘data’, retargeting, editing, & exporting basics.

Week 2


Learn how to make any mocap loop and how to convert a world space locomotion to a ‘treadmill’ cycle.

Week 3

Blending Clips

Become comfortable exploring different ways to loop and blend clips together.

Week 4

Massaging Mocap

Learn how to manipulate mocap to do your bidding, adapt to environments, correct contacts/interactions, etc.

Week 5

Manipulating Mocap

Learn tricks and techniques for repurposing mocap to new animating and combining clips that don't blend together

Week 6

Final Critiques + Q&A

Show off all you've learned and get feedback on your final assignment. Come ready with any last questions on techniques or industry tips!


John Jasper Fielding

John has been working in the industry for over a decade on everything from cell phone commercials to blockbuster movies, doing everything from rotoscoping to previs, to character animation. A stylized keyframe animator at heart, John has learned techniques that turn motion capture into just another production method for creating exciting and engaging performances.

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