RealTime FX in Unreal Engine

Learn how AAA game studios use Houdini and Unreal Engine to create real-time vfx for games.

  • Space
  • Procedural Modeling
  • Reusability
  • Pyro
  • RBD Destruction
  • Explosions

What You’ll Learn

This course will take you through the entire effects pipeline, from Houdini into UE4. Students will be constructing a scene where a pre-modeled space station is about to collide with an asteroid. The space station will fire a torpedo, hitting the asteroid, and shattering it. 

Students will learn the power of proceduralism and reusability. They will create a procedural rocket mesh and asteroid mesh that can be used in many different applications. 

Students will also learn about the performance constraints they might run into in a real production pipeline. 

By the end of the workshop you'll:

  • Have developed your own high quality VFX scene of a missile hitting an asteroid in space
  • Have an understanding of proceduralism and reusability in the VFX pipeline
  • Understand performance constraints
  • Have the confidence and ability tackle future VFX projects
COURSE FORMAT:  Standard Live
FEEDBACK:  Live Interactive Open Group
DURATION:  8 weeks
ASSIGNMENTS:   Due each week. Expect to spend 10 hrs/wk viewing lectures, q&a, and time on assignments
MATERIALS:   Houdini & Unreal Engine
SKILLS LEVEL:   Intermediate to advanced


Sprint 1

Intro, Scene Setup & Space Station

Setting up a new UE4 Project. Optional Realtime Raytracing, import assets provided by instructor: Space Skybox, Space Station, Planet Textures. Begin building the space scene

Sprint 2

Asteroid Creation

Houdini project setup. Creating the various asteroid meshes we’ll need for the scene and preparing for shattering.  Clean up assets in Houdini, and import space station parts to UE4. 

Sprint 3

Asteroid Shatter

Shattering the procedural asteroid and exporting it into UE4

Sprint 4


UE4 Pyroshader & Simulation. Creating pyro textures for some epic explosions.

Sprint 5

Asteroid Destruction

Big asteroid destruction animation block out, impact debris simulation, impact debris particle system UE4. Animating the asteroid destructible in UE4

Sprint 6

Additional Scene VFX

Combination of FBX animated pieces, particle systems, and materials. Ambient fog effects and optimizing our space scene.
Tweak animation in Houdini.

Sprint 7

Missile Setup

Construction of the procedural rocket mesh. Spline-based animation path of the rocket, effects for launch and impact

Sprint 8

UE4 Sequencing

Light tweaking, fog tweaking. Post processing volume. Realtime Ray Tracing. 

Sprint 9

UE4 Sequencing (cont.)

Camera Setup, Rocket sequence, asteroid sequence, camera shake, rendering

Elia Anagrius Stampes

Elia is a professional VFX artist currently working at Fatshark. Stampes also spent 3 years working at Ubisoft Stockholm, and has worked on titles such as the recently announced Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.

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