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  • Dozens of hours of lectures from 11 amazing Artists.
  • Real-world projects for your portfolio
  • In-depth training on the latest software and workflows

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Tired of Failing?


This course is perfect for:

  • Artists who want a simple solution to learning employable skills and don't want to do it alone..
  • Artists who specifically want to become job candidates and create a Production-Ready portfolio.
  • Artists who want to deep dive into the entire spectrum of things a Character Artist does with dozens of hours of lectures.

Maybe you've already taken a ton of online courses but you haven't been able to improve your art. 

The Number One reason we fail is: We do it alone!

The Character Artist course includes dozens of hours of lectures on everything you need PLUS an amazing community of 1,500 artists and growing.

The Number Two reason we fail is: Overwhelm!

There are a ton of things to think about and get done.  A ton!

Good thing we've been training Game Artists for years and it's all we do.  So, we've made it easy for you.

We've broke it all down to a simple system for you to follow.  You've been at this game long enough to know it's not magic. 

It's just a matter of doing the right work, the right way and keeping at it until you gain the traction you need to win.


We Got You Covered...


The great news is that the Game Industry doesn't care where you went to school or who you know... all that matters is your Work.

The bad news is that all that matters... is your Work. ;)

So, stop wasting time doing things on your own and playing catch up with the latest workflows.  Learn from the professionals in a community and with the support of artists just like you..

In this online program, we have curated over 100 hours of lectures focused on everything from Anatomy, to Marvelous Designer to Texturing clothing in Substance Painter.  There is not another course out there, at any price, that combines this level of information for you.

By the end of this course you'll understand how today's professional game artists work and have a body of work to upload to ArtStation.

Estimated time for course work: 10-20 hours per week

  • Skill Level: All Levels Welcome
  • Course Format: Self-Paced
  • Duration: Take as long as you need
  • Lecture Type: Video and text
  • Assignment: Self-Paced
  • Feedback: Community Access

By the end of the course, you'll:

Know how to use the same software that AAA game studios use.

Have deep dived into anatomy with hours of digital dissection using our scan library.

Have learned the difficult craft of being a Character Artist. Including how to create Hair.

Have learned how to create realistic materials for your characters.

Some GAI Student Work

A few words from our students...

"The difference between my work before and after taking classes at here is immense."

Kory Molohon

"One of the best career decisions i have ever made."

Andre Pires

"By far the best educational course I have been on. University seems to teach you very little over a long period of time."

Alexander Lowrie

What You Get:

Module 1


Lost? No confidence?  Unsure where to start or how the hell to stop procrastinating... stop the cycle of pumping yourself up and then dropping down into the dumps?

In this module, Ryan Kingslien walks you through the foundation of a healthy Artist Practice to stop hiding and start creating.

Module 2

The Face

The Face is the true test of a Character Artist.  All the problems you encounter as an artist are here... in the face.

Here is what we provide to help you:

  • Sculpting A Female Head (3 hr)
  • The Structure & Anatomy Of The Face (11 hr)
  • Sculpting A Face (3 hr)
  • Facial Hair (2 hr)
  • Wrinkles Masterclass (2 hr)
  • Sculpting Pores & Wrinkles (1 hr)
  • and more...
  • Image by instructor Ryan Kingslien

Module 3

The Body

Most Character Artists work with a base mesh because they already understand Anatomy.

In this module we give you:

  • Blocking In A Character (4 hr)
  • Sculpting The Body (10 hr)
  • Artistic Anatomy & Ecorche (20 hr)
  • and more...

Image by instructor Eric Wilson

Module 4

Clothing & Props

The majority of Game Characters have clothing.  Yes most portfolio's include characters with clothing shrink wrapped to the model.

In this module we give you:

  • A Marvelous Designer Primer with Ryan Kingslien (3 hr)
  • Marvelous Designer for Game Artists (2 hr)
  • Creating Armor (3 hr)
  • Marvelous Designer & ZBrush Demonstration (10 hrs)
  • Modeling Hard Surface (3 hr)
  • Understanding Hard Surface Modeling (3 hr)

Image by instructor Paul Widelski

Module 5

Low Resolution Modeling

It's not a Game Character unless you've got it in a Game Engine... and the first step is creating the in-game geometry.

In this module we give you:

  • Understanding Triangles & Quads (1 hr)
  • Topology Of The Face (2 hr)
  • Topology Of Clothing (2 hr)
  • Topology & UVs Using Wrap (2hr)
  • UVs & Baking (2 hr)

Image from Jarad Vincent's lectures.

Module 6


Texturing is the new battle ground for Character Artists.  There are thousands of amazing digital sculptors but not that many amazing texture artists...

In this module we give you:

  • Substance Painter & Realistic Skin (2 hr)
  • Using Texturing.XYZ To Create Killer Textures (4 hr)
  • Transitional Meshes & Facial Hair (2 hr)
  • Substance Painter Overview (2 hr)
  • Painting Realistic Skin In Mari (2 hr)
  • Painting Clothing In Substance Painter (2 hr)

Image by Jarad Vincent

Module 7

Game Engine Setup

This is one of the final and most important steps... getting it into the Game.  

It's also the step most people think they can skip and "hope" their work will be good enough.

It won't. You can't.

In this module we give you:

  • Marmoset setup (2 hr)
  • Materials in Unreal (2 hr)
  • Realistic Skin in Marmoset (2 hr)

Image by Adam Skutt

Module 8

Real Time Hair

Take an entire 6 week class on Real Time Hair Development for Games by Adam Skutt and then master Sculpted Hair and Fibermesh and... the new XGen with Ryan Kingslien.

This module contains 20+ hours of content focused solely on the hair creation.



Bonus #1

Create A Stylized Game Character

Want to create a stylized character for Blizzard? Learn how to sculpt appealing characters from the master, Mike Defeo. He'll introduce you to his maquette approach where you'll create your own character step-by-step. This module is almost 20 hours of content by itself!

Bonus #2

Digital Dissections

We've extracted the most important lessons from Eric Michael Wilson's anatomy classes. You'll watch as he digitally dissects model and reveals the simple structures inside. You'll learn how to simplify complex areas like the forearms and difficult areas like the knees with ease.

A few words from our students...

"A thriving community of dedicated people that made art and games their living. You are not born with talent, you master it, they are ready to show you how."

Natanael Rey

" It’s more than just an online classroom, it’s a solid tight-knit community that works together towards the long run."

Roy Portillo

"An incredible resource for me as an aspiring 3D artist. The classes offered are led by some of the industries' top talent who take you step by step through the process of creating AAA quality art for games."

Matthew Gillmeister

Build Production Artist Skills

In today's competitive industry it helps to know the latest software and workflows. In this course you'll learn the following software:


even more words from our students...

"The greatest learning experience I have ever been through. With real world practice, with real world masters of the craft using current applications of industry standards."

David Laury

"For me having enrolled in the Environment Bootcamp has been one of the best decisions i have taken as an artist. "

Isaac Rivera Gómez

"The greatest part is that I am exposing to an environment where I could get constructive feedback, guidance and surrounded by a lot of other talented artists to learn from."

Ira Zhang




We've pulled your lessons directly from over a dozen world-class artists who are all at the top of their craft. You are not alone when you take The Character Artist Course!

Adam Skutt

Epic Games

Jarad Vincent

Epic Games

Mike Defeo


Hossein Diba

Freelance Artist

Eric Wilson

Sculptor, Co-founder of New Masters Academy

Steve Lord

Sideshow Collectibles

Bao Vu

Ninja Theory

Mariano Steiner

Spin VFX

Ryan Kingslien

Founder, Game Art Institute

Paul Widelski

Splash Damage

Matthias Develtere

Machine Games

Bob Plociennik

Mierce Miniatures 

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  • Dozens of Hours of lecture
  • Lessons from 11 amazing Artists
  • Real-world projects for your portfolio
  • In-depth character creation modules
  • Bonus: Stylized Character modules
  • Bonus: Anatomy Modules
  • Access to our private Social Network with over 1,000 members.




  • Dozens of Hours of lecture
  • Lessons from 11 amazing Artists
  • Real-world projects for your portfolio
  • In-depth character creation modules
  • Bonus: Stylized Character modules
  • Bonus: Anatomy Modules
  • Access to our private Social Network with over 1,000 members.


  • 16 Week of bi-weekly LIVE sessions
  • Personalized 1:1 feedback from Professional Mentors
  • Real-world projects for your portfolio
  • In-depth character creation modules
  • Bonus: Stylized Character modules
  • Bonus: Anatomy Modules
  • Access to our private Social Network with over 1,000 members.



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